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Automatic Shrinking Basin Drain Pipe Extrusion Machine


Plastic Expansible Flexible Hose Making Machine, PP Shrinking Pipe Extrusion Line


The Pipe Application:
1 PP flexible air ventilation hose
2 Kitchen oil fume suction and extraction, kitchen air duct hose
3 Toilet Closestool Water Pipe


The PP Expansible Basin Corrugated Pipe Making Machine Production Flow:
Automatic feeding --Plastic extruder melt--extrusion die--the forming machine--automatic shorting--automatic cutting--stacking and packing


Basic Informations of Production Line


 Name  Pipe diameters Motor   Screw Diameter  Screw L:D  Output Screw Speed
 SJ45/33  12-40mm  15kw  45mm  30:1  60/h  92RPM
 SJ55/30  16-50mm  18.5kw  55mm  30:1  70kg/h  74RPM
 SJ65/30  16-50mm  22kw  65mm  30:1  80kg/h  74RPM