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Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line


Good Quality Corrugated Plastic Pipe Machine, Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Qingdao Wings Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the most proffesional corrugated pipe extrusion line manufacturer in China market.  We focus on corrugated pipe machinery business and production over 10 year. high quality and automatic system is highly praised by customers.
We have customers in USA, India, Egypt, Middle East counrties etc.
We produce different type of corrugated plastic pipe machine with different speed and diameters.

Machinery Type Pipe Diameter OD Moulds Quantity Forming Speed
WS-16/54 7mm-16mm 54 Pairs 15m/min
WS-38/44 12mm-38mm 44 Pairs 15m/min
WS-38/72 12mm-38mm 72 Pairs 20m/min
WS-38/81 12mm-38mm 81 Pairs 30m/min
WS-52/60 16mm-52mm 60 Pairs 20m/min
WS-75/60 30mm-75mm 60 Pairs 15m/min
WS-110/60 50mm-110mm 60 Pairs 10m/min

Machinery introduction:
1. Extruder is high speed high efficiency type, our 45/33 extruder could meet 80kg/h capacity.
2. Die is Modulating forging materials, easy for operation and high precision.
3. We adopt Gear driven and truck block working technology for corrugated forming machine. We have many types of forming machine to meet different capacity request and price.
4. The Coiler adopt automatic ranking system by inverter control.
Equipment List:

No. Name Quantity
1 Single screw extruder 1 SET
2 Head die and mould 1 SET
3 Mould block 1 SET
4 Forming machine 1 SET
5 Winder 1 SET


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