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PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Suction Hose Machine


PVC steel wire reinforced pipe machinery

Description of pvc spiral hose production line:

PVC with spiral steel wire inside.
PVC steel wire hose making line adopts high-efficiency single screw extruder to keep high speed and stable output.
It has conveying feeding to save labors in the production process.
Main Advantages of pvc spiral hose production line:
1. It is suitable for the conveying of high pressure or explosive gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge. 
It is mainly used for chemical industry, building and vacuum pumps
2.If you want to print letters on the surface of the pipe, you can chose Ink printing machine or a spray code machine.
Different models offer customers flexible choice.
The final products has two layers: one is PVC layer, insinde is steel wire.
With automatic design, it is easy to operate and stable to maintain long working condition.
Processing Flow of pvc spiral hose production line:
Raw material+additive→mixing → granulating → conveying feeding → single screw extruder → steel wire forming machine → extruding mould → spray cooling water tank → belt haul-off → winder → finished product inspecting & packing
Technical Parameters of pvc spiral hose production line: 

model Screw diameter
Pipe range
Main motor power(kw) Total power
Line length
PVC-45 45 12-20 20-40 11 30 15
PVC-65 65 20-50 40-80 22 40 16
PVC-90 90 50-75 100-130 45 50 18
PVC-120 120 100-150 120-150 75 75 22