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HDPE Carbon Spiral Reinforced Pipe Machine


HDPE / PVC Bridge Prestressed Corrugated Pipe Production Line, Plastic Pipe Machine

Qingdao Wings Plastic Technology Co., LTD. The company is focusing on research and development of the continuous production of PE, PVC corrugated pipe production line manufacturing. The line could produce spiral corrugated pipe by HDPE or PVC raw materials.
This kind of spiral corrugated pipe is high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, widely used in bridge prestressed pipe, underground cable threading sheath, etc.

The machine inclued: SJ - 70/30 type single screw extruder, die head mold, forming machine, cutting machine, winder system or stacking machine. Product material is PVC/PE, optimal pipe diameter range for Φ 50-200 mm Φ. Simple operation, good integrity, continuous and stable production, low noise, high efficiency, long service life.

The spiral corrugated pipe product has special spiral physical structure, the pipe material mechanical performance is good, the compressive strength, pipe buried under deformation, inner spiral uniform cable around the cooling efficiency and effectively protect the security of the cable.