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PVC Coil Loop Car Mat Extrusion Machine



Chinese Top Quality PVC Coil Loop Car Mat Extrusion Machine

This type pvc coil loop mat machinery unit is high technology machine, there is complex units and production flow as the product design. It is mainly used to produce the spike backing ,diamond backing, point backing coil mat.


Qingdao Wings Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd is the most proffesional and experienced manufacturer and service supplier for the coil mat machine.

PVC Coil Cushion Carpet Features & Functions:
1: High elasticity
2: Soft feeling
3: Machine wash and easy to clean
4: It is suitable for printing colorful pattern design
5: Environmentally friendly and harmless , it could be used for car floor mat
6: Mould proof
7: All colors are available.


Production Flow:

PVC mixing--Spiral loading into coil mat extruder--Extruder melt--Filter--Extrusion Die--Infrared heating--Forming water tank--First oven--Glue units--Second oven--Automatic stacking

PVC mixing--Spiral loading into backing layer extruder--Extruder melt-Filter--Extrusion die-Three rolls calender machine--Infrared heating--coil mat feeding--spike or diamond backing joint--pulling--trimming--winding--packing

Plastic PVC Coil Loop Carpet Manufacturing Machine / PVC Coil Carpet Roll Producing Plant: 



Coil Part Extruder

Backing Part Extruder

Mat width

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Why Choose Us?
We have the 90% pvc mat machinery market in China, and two customer's factory has already be quoted company.
What we did, are special for plastic mat machine, we design high technology and produce over 200 production lines, but price is cheap than Germany.
We produced many kinds PVC mat machines, please check my pictures, it is worth that we building long time cooperations.