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PVC Calender Mat Machine


Plastic Machine For PVC Floor Mat , PVC Anti Slip Mat Extrusion Line / Extruder Machine
Three Roll Calendar Machine For PVC Floor Mat , PVC Floor Sheet Calendering Line
Three roll PVC floor mat, floor sheet calender extrusion machine
Main features:
Roller: is made of Chilled Cast Iron alloys, whose work surface has high hardness,wear-resistance and durable life.
Rollers' gap adjustment: electric mode
Roller bearings' lubrication: dry oil or thin oil electric mode
Bearing bush: nylon sleeve,copper sleeve or double row spherical roller bearing
Motor: CE frequency motor
Reducer: hard tooth surface reducer
PVC floor mat is a kind of calendaring product with different back shapes. such like pane shape,tooth shape,strip shape,dot shape,diamond shape etc. The mat have the features of anti-skid, acid and alkali-resistant, anti-UV, high temperature-resistant, cold-resistant etc. The mat we tested is with good formula, make it very comfort, have a moderate softness. The machine also can compound with the carpet,non-woven fabrics,wich is mainly used in the door,car ,bath room etc.
The mat widely used in hotels, airports, restaurant, holiday resort and many other public places.
PVC Floor Sheet Extruder Line With Calendaring system Specifications:

1. Vacuum auto Loader + Hopper Dryer 1 set
2. Main twin screw extruder 80/156 1 set
3. Die head 1 set
4. Rolling Calendaring System 1 set
5. Cooling support parts  1 set
6. Haul off machine 1 set
7. Floor Mat length cutting machine 1 set
8. Floor Mat Winder 1 set
9. Control System 1 set

Why Choose Us?
We have the 50% pvc mat machinery market in China, and two customer's factory has already be quoted company.
What we did, are special for plastic mat machine, we design high technology and produce over 200 production lines, but price is cheap than Germany.
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