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PVC Corner Bead Extruder Machine


Small Profile PVC Corner Bead Angle Bead Making Machine

Product Application
1.Corner bead is made of plastic pvc/upvc material,flame retardant,environment friendly and no pollution.
2.Convenient for construction and handle.
3.Widely used in balcony,stairs,inside and outside wall corner,sill,joint of gypsum board,arched windows and doors,etc.
4.High intensity,adequate combination with putty;corner bead and wall are connected together completely.
5.Replace corner beads made of metal,wood,PMMA,etc. material,reduce cost
6.Completely change the traditional construction engineering's manual construction method,it is an important change in the construction field.
High quality, good price and reliable performance. Please don't be hesitate to contact us for more details. And we also warmly welcome you to visit our factory.


1 SJSZ51/105 twin screw extruder   ONE SET
     2 Mould(can extrude two double at the same time)   ONE SET
     3 Vacuum Calibration table   ONE SET
     4 Haul off machine   ONE SET
     5 Automatic punching machine   ONE SET
     6 Automatic cutting machine   ONE SET
     7 Stacker   ONE SET

Auxiliary machine: 
1.200L high speed mixer 1set
2.SPW260 crusher 1set

Machinery electric parts details:

Temperatue meter Omron
Contactor Schneider
Relay Schneider
Transducer Holip
Power light, button Schneider
Inveter ABB



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