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Plastic LDPE Grass Mat Extrusion Machine


Plastic Grass Mat Manufacturing Machine / Extrusion Line 

Grass Mat Production introduction
Plastic lawn is made of LDPE. The grass leaves feature by excellent elasticity, anti-compression property and anti-abrasion property. The bottom is designed with antiskid patterns, features by antiskid, anti-abrasion, anti-erosion, and long service life. The grass tips can brush the dust particles from the grass surface onto the lawn bottom, which keeps the mat clean. Only needs to turn the mat over, flap it, and wash with water when cleaning.

Grass Mat Applications
Plastic lawn possesses the functions of dustproof mats, sporting mats, decorative mats, etc. It is suitable for commercial building, hotel, restaurant, holiday resort, sporting chamber, swimming pool, roof garden, decoration inside cars, kindergarten.

Grass Mat Flow chart
Extruder-Filter-Die head-Forming device-Cutting edge-Haul off device-Cooling device-Oven-Shaping device-Winder