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PP Strap Making Machine



PP Strap Making Machine / Plastic PP Strap Production Line 

This production line is used to product the pp packing band,pp packing strap;adopt the plc control the whole line do the auotmatic production,it use the melting pump and pressure sensor ensure the production stable and strap quality control the raw material.


The scientific name of PP is polypropylene. It is a kind of lightweight environmental protection packing belt produced with polypropylene as raw material. It is used in full-automatic packer, semi-automatic packer, manual packer, etc. it is suitable for binding cartons or pallets weighing several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms to pack lighter objects.

Production Flow:
Materials feeding -- Extruder melt -- Filter -- Melt metering pumb -- Extrusion die -- Hot water tank --Five Pulling rollers -- Stretching Oven -- Stretching rollers -- Embossing --Annealing treatment oven and water tank -- Three Pulling Rollers -- Winders -- Packing


Basic Informations of Production Line:
 Name  Strap Cavities Motor   Screw Diameter  Screw L:D  Output Screw Speed
 SJ65/30  1-2 Cavities  30kw  65mm  30:1  100kg/h  94RPM
 SJ75/30  2 Cavities  45kw  75mm  30:1  180kg/h  74RPM
 SJ90/30  4 Cavities  75kw  90mm  30:1  250kg/h  74RPM