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PP Strap Band Production Line


PET PP Strap Making Machine / Plastic PET PP Package Band Strap Production Line

Qingdao Wings Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of PET PP strap extrusion line. We could meet high quality strap production and high capacity request from customers.
Our PET strap machine could meet over 6:1 stretching rate, and 200m/min speed extrusion.

Character :

It use single screw extruder system

For PET strap production, It use 100% recycling material

Measurement pump ensure constant and stable production

Two pull four station filter can efficiently eliminate impurity

Large hauling force stretch device and insulation oven

PET Strap equipment list: 

Feeding System
Automatic Loader and dryer
  Storage Tank
Single screw extruder
SJ- 90×30  
AC Motor 55kw with Delta inverter
  Screw and Barrel with Gearbox     

Extrusion Die
Die head + Heater
  Two Cavity
Water Cooling Tank                                    
The First Tensile Roller Unit  
The First Heating Oven                             
The Second Tensile Roller Unit
The Third Tensile Roller Unit
Embossing Device
Sizing water tank
Hual off Roller Unit
Melt Metering pump
Screen Changer
PET Dehumidification drying machine

Widely used in wood packaging, paper packaging, steel packaging, chemical packaging, cotton packing, aluminum ingots packaging, glass packaging, building materials, packaging, metal packaging, tobacco packaging, electronics packaging, ceramic packaging, etc

Strap width 5-19mm
Production speed 120m/min
Stretching ratio 4-13


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