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PS PP PE Sheet Extrusion Line


Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line / HDPE PP PS PC PMMA Sheet Making Machine

Sheet Features
Width: 320-3000mm
Thickness: 0.2--2mm
Capacity: 150-450kg/hr
Mono-layer and multi-layer sheet extrusion system for up to 5 layers
Processing capabilities: PE, PP, PS and other thermoplastic materials
Sheet Application
Packing industrial, Stationery, Decoration,etc
Sheet Machinery Parameter of PE PP PS Sheet Making Machine

Layer Structure Mono Layer Extrusion Line 3-layer Extrusion Line 5-layer Extrusion Line
Extruder Model SJ90,SJ100,SJ120,SJ150,SJ200 SJ120/33,SJ65/33 SJ120/33,SJ45/33,SJ65/33
Sheet Width 600-1300MM 600-1300MM 600-1300MM
Sheet Thickness 0.25-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0
Max.Capacity 150-500 250-400 250-450

Intruduce of HDPE Sheet Making Machine
1. Single/Two/Three layers is producible
2. Extruder screw adopts special design with efficient mixing function and high plasticizing capacity.The mater of barrel and screw is 38CrMoA1A, the hardness of nitride is 740HV.
3. Coat-hanger die uses double throttling design to make sheet thickness accurate.
4. Temperature can be precisely controlled within ±1 °C
5. Three-roll calender: horizontal, vertical or tilted arrangement, motorized gap adjustment for calender roll for quick product changes
6. Precisely manufactured rollers, hardened and mirror finished surface for suiperier surface properties and excellent thickness control.Independent roller temperature control system is able to make sheet thickness uniformity.
7. Winder is equipped with high quality torque motor,it can adjust rewinding speed and tension.
8. This sheet production line has automatic meter counter to set the length of sheet.
9. Plastic sheets produced from this type of extrusion equipment are sturdy,yet remains somewhat flexible.



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