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PET Strap Production Line


PET Strap Making Machine / Plastic PET Strap Production Line with PET Recycled Flake Materials

This production line is used to product the pet packing band,pet packing strap;adopt the plc control the whole line do the auotmatic production,it use the melting pump and pressure sensor ensure the production stable and strap quality control the raw material you can use is 100% recycled pet flakes from the waste pet bottles,or virgin material or mixed with each other

Character :

High quality pre-crystallization drying system;

It use single screw extruder system;

For PET strap production, It use 100% recycling material;

Measurement pump ensure constant and stable production;

Two pull four station filter can efficiently eliminate impurity;

Large hauling force stretch device and insulation oven.

Production Flow:

Materials feeding -- Pre-crystallization -- Drying -- Feeding -- Extruder melt -- Filter -- Melt metering pumb -- Extrusion die -- Hot water tank --Five Pulling rollers -- Stretching Oven -- Stretching rollers -- Embossing --Annealing treatment oven and water tank -- Three Pulling Rollers -- Winders -- Packing

Basic Informations of Production Line:

Name Strap CavitiesMotor Screw Diameter Screw L:D OutputScrew Speed
SJ90/30 1-2 Cavities 55kw 90mm 30:1 150-200kg/h 49RPM
SJ100/30 1-3 Cavities 75kw 100mm 30:1 220-280kg/h 49RPM
SJ120/30 2-4 Cavities 90kw 120mm 30:1 300-360kg/h 49RPM

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