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PP Polyester Fiber Reinforced Strap Production Line


PP Polyester Fiber Reinforced Strap Production Line , Fiber strap machine, Polyester Fiber Strap production line

Detailed description of high-quality polyester fiber flexible packing belt production line :

Polyester fiber packing belt (polyester fiber flexible packing belt) is composed of multiple strands of polyester fibers. It is a safe, fast and economical packing belt. It has the characteristics of high strength, good weather resistance, safe use, high efficiency and environmental protection. It is widely used in goods transportation packaging, binding of delicate surface goods, binding of goods with surface coating, fastening of goods transportation, binding of materials, reinforcement of oil and gas transmission pipelines, reinforcement of composite pressure vessels, reinforcement of buildings and civil engineering, etc. In particular, it has light and simple binding operation, uses relatively simple buckle to bind tightly, and can knot without any energy (such as power supply and compressed air) and any auxiliary tools. The applicable environment is very wide.

Features of production equipment:

Strictly comply with safety production standards

Humanized design, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation

Precision manufacturing, reasonable configuration, lower noise, higher output and longer service life

High speed and stable production, and the line speed can reach 120m / min

Basic Informations of pp fiber strap production line:

Strap width


Line Max Speed






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